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Powell and barns Media was founded in 2018, by business and marketing specialist Marceline Powell and since then, has built a reputation for success.

Powell and Barns Media provides a wide range of comms services, including:

Strategic planning, marketing & PR campaigns, content creation, digital and social media marketing, internal communications, on and offline branding, launches and events.

Targeting & Engagement Specialists:

Take your message to specific audiences such as a particular geographic area, or a specific community of interest, making your campaign more engaging, meaningful and visible to the right people in the right places, at the right time.


Whether you're a small business start up, a charity or a large organisation wanting to connect with your audience. we produce real results that meet our clients' strategic goals.



We are specialists in targeted campaigns.

We work with public and private sector organisations to support their diversity and inclusion strategies with targeted marketing, media and PR campaigns, conferences, events and workshops.

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